Women's Institute

The Women's Institute - A Modern Voice for Women

The WI offers women the opportunity of sharing friendship and learning, to help widen their horizons, and together to influence local, national and international affairs.  Founded in 1919, Churt WI is one of the oldest in the county.  In 2019 we will be celebrating our 100th birthday.  

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Churt WI Committee and contact details

President –
Marion Mitchell. Tel: 01428 712265 email: marion.mitchell3@aol.com

Secretary - Margaret Jackson.  Tel: 01428 606074 email: rev.jackson@btinternet.com

Treasurer - Charmian Brain. Tel: 01428 712219 email: charmian@regalarch.f9.co.uk

Caroline Howard. Tel: 01428 605918

Pearl Lim. Tel: 01428 605300

Lena Rowe. Tel: 01428 712880

Rosemary Boosey.   Tel: 01428 605285

Ann Crossley. Tel: 01252 794041

Pia Edwards. Tel: 01428 608208

Churt WI program me for 2016

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 2.30pm in Churt Village Hall. Do come and join us! Visitors are very welcome.

12th January – ‘My Life as a Playboy Bunny Girl' by Gill Parker

9th February - ‘The Seasons’ by Geoffrey Lunn

8th March – ‘I am a Flower, What are you?’ by Jacqueline Aviolet

12th April – ‘Flower Arranging Demonstration by Jean Stiff

10th May – Resolutions Luncheon at Quinnettes Barn, 12 noon

14th June – ‘The Howard Family and Arundel Castle’ by Mr W Forrester

12th July – Annual Garden Meeting being held at Charmian Brain's house, 2.30pm

13th September – ‘'The Victorian Pharmacy'’ by Dr Judith Hill

11th October – Churt WI Ladies Entertain You!

8th November – Annual Meeting.

8th December – TBA

Further information: Please call Marion Mitchell, WI President, 01428 712265 or email: marion.mitchell3@aol.com


Margaret Jackson, WI Secretary, 01428 606074 or email: rev.jackson@btinternet.com

We are also involved in many village activities, and our most popular contribution is providing the teas at the annual Village Fete.